My Mum

This morning I got one of the consultant reports we’ve had to had done on my mum. Its all part of the legal case we’re bring against the drive of the other car in the accident. It is a long note full of complex language, but essentially it states that she is not the person she was. The line that says it all is “Complications resulting from a Severe Traumatic Head Injury”.

She is alive, well, still loving and as best she can be, active. Yet she is no longer the woman she was. I rejoice in her life, but I just can’t help mourn the parts of her that are gone.

All because an idiot in a flash car decided to run a red light. You know what’s worse? Said idiot’s insurance company has declared fraud because his father “owned” the car and bought the insurance, but the car was only driven by the idiot. It means that though we’ll get some money to take care of my mum, we won’t get a lot. I am not a violent man, but I would sincerely love to take him into a back alley and give him a “Sever Traumatic Head Injury”. I won’t, because my ethics and will won’t allow it, but a part of me would really really like to.

And so right now, for not the first time, I mourn for the living.

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