Its that time of year again, getting the kids all ready for school. Princess starts in reception (kindergarten) this year. I thought the boys uniform list was outrageous. Hers is just incredible.

Its all very cute, colour coordinated, and all marked with the school crest. Thing is, there is a piece for every possible occasion. To keep her warm there is a cardigan, pullover fleece and zip up fleece, sweat shirt and rain jacket, not to mention her school blazer. She needs a scarf, wooly cap and sun cap, and wooly gloves of the right colour. She needs a bib for doing arts and crafts and a white long coat for science. Then there’s gym slips, dance leotards and swimming costumes. The pile of things is over two feet high.

She’s only four, its only kindergarten, and she’s going to outgrow it all in six months! Good thing we got a few hand me downs from other parents, but blimey!

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