There’s some more content I’m not going to post on this site. I spend a lot of time in our garden. Its a passion I didn’t expect. My father was a bit of a gardener, but it wasn’t a focus for the family as we usually lived in places without much of garden around us. He used pots and planters to grow his possies, and we often had an alotment for growing veg.

So, having married a passionate gardener, I found myself pulled outside to help. The doing doesn’t do much for me. Its occasionaly enjoyable to get my fingers dirty, and a few times a year I tear into the weeds, but mostly its just a chore. However, I love the garden itself. Every morning I’ll spend a few minutes looking out at it. When the weather is better we always eat outside. I play with the kids in it, and there is nothing better than a good cup of tea, or better yet something stronger, while sitting under the pergola just looking around.

I’m a moderately keen taker of pictures, so if you go here you’ll find the start of a picture log of our garden in its many seasons.

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