Ho hum

My mind has been spinning of late. The new job has filled up every corner of thought with new information leading to half formed thoughts of plans, to staff and who is good and where are gaps, and priorities, and politics.

Still, fun as that is, a small corner of my brain has been gloomy. Z remarked on it, Greavsie and OG had breaks to think, all through blog land there’s a hint of depression. I blame the weather. So my mind has gone back to other thoughts and darker times. In a way, it makes the present less gloomy, as life is actually pretty damn good at the moment. Yet, perverse boy that I am, the thoughts are still there.

Three points in time circle in my mind. The birth of my Princess, my father’s death, and another time. It might be time to post on that, to lay bare the memory. Yet not today.

Today is for being back to work, for talking my new boss through what we have to do. It’s a day for lunch with an old friend, and maybe, just maybe, taking some flowers back to the love of my life to tell her how much I love her. So, all you bloggers out there, remember life is at its base, good. There are horrors, that is true, but, in the end, life is good.

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