The Perfect Steak Sandwich

It was a long weekend in England, and LL and I also took Friday off to make it even longer. There is nothing quite like a four day break to ease the stress and burden of life. It particularly helps if the weather is good, which it was, and the kids are in a good mood, which they were.

The other thing that helps is food, and we ate pretty well the last few days. There was some fresh trout (I took the boys fishing) both grilled and in a fish pie the next day. There was home made pizza, the first apple crumble of the year, and stewed peaches and raspberries (nectar of the gods (especially with ice cream)).

Yet one meal still stands out in my mind, steak sandwiches and salad. I am a committed omnivore. I will eat anything and everything. I have been involved in raising animals, hunting and in butchering. You should know what you eat, which is also why we keep a vegetable garden. Though I understand the vegetarian argument, I disagree with it. Animals eating animals is part of nature, and as part of the food chain I see no issue with meat as a part of a diet.

I do, however, strongly believe in humane animal husbandry though. I go out of my way, and pay a premium to find and buy from farmers who take appropriate care of their stock. Animals which spend a life in the open and grazing freely have a happier life, and are tastier. Factory meat is like factory vegetables, tasteless and unhealthy.

So, I do enjoy a good bit of meat, and there is nothing quite like a grilled steak. The best steak for a sandwich is thinly cut aged rump. Because its thin it only needs a short marinate, half an hour in a bit of wine and soy sauce does it. Grilled just a few minutes over a hot flame on each side and you are left with perfection.

The bread must be fresh, and I baked up some wholemeal and rosemary rolls in the morning. Add a bit of butter, some good French whole grain mustard, onions fresh from the garden then into the pan to be softened with a little butter, and a few thick slices of tomatoes (store bought unfortunately, our plants got hit by bad blight this summer). It is pure decadence on a plate.

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