Hard Blood

So I did one of those “well man” clinics every middle aged executive is expected to do these days. Lets us think we’re being a caring coping company, when really, as the bosses, we should set the example and work not quite so hard. I enjoyed the experience really. You get a complete top to bottom run through, blood tests, every sense checked, heart beat monitored, cardiovascular fitness evaluated, a complete head to toe by the doctor. The works really.

Mostly I came out fine, average fitness, excellent hearing, diet OK, eyes fine so long as I wear my glasses, nothing disturbing in the exotic disease indicators. But a couple things to work on. Though not overweight I had the doctor wagging his finger that I need more regular exercise and could do to loose a few pounds to make sure I don’t get overweight. I know this, its just finding the time to take care of myself between taking care of my family and my company.

Then the ones that do disturb me. First was a high cholesterol level. I generally eat a good diet, high in fibre and organics, lots of fruit and veg, yet my cholesterol levels where high and the ratio between “good” and “bad” cholesterol was the wrong way by a long margin. I was given a fact sheet, and told to cut out most of the things that make food tasty. I mean, no butter, no cheese, eat less red meat, stay away from those poached eggs at the weekend? How’s a man to survive? I’ll make some changes, but the thought of life without some of those things isn’t entirely worth living.

That aside, which is manageable and a balance can be found, I had high blood pressure. Just over the marker from the normal range, but high. I’ve never had high blood pressure, have lived through some horrific times in my life and the ticker kept its slow steady beat. Both my father and grandfather had heart attacks in their 60’s so it’s a bit frightening really. I wouldn’t have said I was overly stressed at the moment, indeed life is for the most part good.

So, I guess that exercise bike beacons. Time to make a bit of time for keeping myself fit. Sigh…

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