Planning Hell

I mentioned some time ago we’d been trying to get plans for an extension to the house approved, and failed. Its been a long arduous road since then. We’ve involved the mayor, negotiated, cajoled, and tried to find something that would get approved.

Though there is still a formal process to go through, and we could still fall over, I think we have something. Thing is, LL hates it. She has convinced herself it will make the house look ugly, and that we’ve been forced to accept a compromise that is worthless.

I don’t entirely agree. I like these plans less than the previous ones we submitted, but don’t think they are horrible. The worst aspect is having to accept a large flat room on one section instead of a pitch (to save a neighbours view), but as our house is very Art Deco with an existing section of flat roof, that’s not a bad thing. The architect has also come up with a plan that, for a flat roof, is quite elegant. It’s a sympathetic design. The interior space will be fantastic, a good use of space and light.

However, last night, on seeing the final plans my dear LL flew into a storm of rage. Literally shouting and cursing the situation, the architect, the neighbour and the council. She calmed down, as she does, and it wasn’t directed at me. Still, when she gets like that I retract, don’t know how to respond otherwise. She was depressed and I was withdrawn. Not a good situation.

Now I’m puzzling what to do. If she really hates the design we shouldn’t do it. That would be such a shame though. The alternative is either living with what we have (which to be fair, is not bad), or move. We just won’t get the plans we want through, won’t happen. The system, and the people in the system, just won’t let it.

I argue for the design and I run the risk of the rage turning on me. I’m being a bit unfair, but this is one of those things beyond the logical. A rational argument to LL just won’t hold any weight. I argue against it, and we definitely won’t do it. I really don’t want to move, we’ve put too much into this house. What to do, what to do?

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