Happy Thoughts

A seat on the train three mornings running! Funny the little things that give you pleasure. Came home to a very jolly household last night. With my mum, my inlaws and my wife there it was a very social atmosphere. Boy did I need that. LL and her mother are either thick as thieves, or ehemm, not as thick as thieves. Thankfully jokes were being stolen from the either.

Our night’s sleep wasn’t so good. Pirate Pete is prone to nightmares. Has been since a babe. He doesn’t seem to remember them, and from the snatched bits of garbled one sided conversation he blurts out in the middle of them, there seems no pattern. He’ll go for months with deep undisturbed sleep, then will have a couple weeks of thrashing and crying out. It usually happens in the first hour or two after we go to bed, so isn’t great for our sleep. Other than go and say calming things and brush his brow, not much we can do either.

A bit worse is my Princess coming down with a bit of a fevour. Poor thing was not happy last night, and very listless on waking this morning. Heaven help us if that washes through the house to the rest of us. Hopefully it will be a quick one. However, to live with small children is to live with every virus, cold and sniffle that roams the countryside.

Hopefully this will be a nice relaxing weekend. Most of the usual taxi activities are suspended for Xmas, and there’s only one birthday party to run the shuttle to. We may actually get away with putting our feet up a bit. Then again, there’s some painting to do, a light fixture to fix, a mirror to replace, the drape across the front door to refit, a rogue tree in the hedge to poison, meals to cook, cloths to wash. Feet up may just have to remain a pleasant wish…

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