Pride in little things

There are so many different types of pride. Pride in ones ancestry, in one’s country or city. Pride in your house or your own accomplishments. What has surprised me most about being a father is pride in my children. I can feel the most overwhelming sense of their accomplishment of the smallest silliest things. Those first steps stand out, and I remember little things like the first time a spoon was put in a mouth with no help. Of often wondered what twist of genetics brought that on. I suppose its part of the paternal make up, those feelings of pleasure in your youngsters encourage you to encourage them.

Lately Pirate Pete has given me a lot to be proud of. Again, we’re not talking earth shattering things, but its such a wonderful thing to see him learn and succeed. He’s always been keen on football, but because it wasn’t something I grew up with I’m not the best of soccer dads. I’m useless kicking the ball about, though we still do it.

Just this week he got promoted from the ‘C’ squad to the ‘B’s. He’s done it on his own (well, perhaps with a little help from his coaches). My boy was so chuffed about it, though it was interesting he told me, but didn’t mention it to his mother. A guy thing I guess. Somehow I’m going to have to find time to make one of his matches. Its just great to see him enjoying it.

Then there’s his sax. Its funny, he has a bit of a love hate relationship with his instrument. I can tell he loves playing, and even now he goes off on little riffs. There’s a jazz man lurking in his little frame. Boy though, do I sometimes have to nag to get him to practice! We do it together though. Its one of our things. He’s coming along very nicely.

The reason for this post though, is tonight is his first concert. He’s been working on a short jazz piece. Its quite an advanced piece, no simple lyrical melody. I’m going of course, cancelled a meeting so I could leave early to be there. I’m so curious to see how he’ll do. He’s like me in not showing his nerves much, so I suspect he’ll just get up and do it, but I know some nerves are there. When done, I shall be standing and clapping the loudest. Won’t be able to help myself really.

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