Bloggers Block

I’ve sat and stared at this screen for the past ten minutes wondering what to type. I suppose its bloggers block. Normally I have a list of things to write, indeed I’ve got my backlog still sitting there in my mind. I just can’t seem to stir up the motivation. I’ve been a bit gloomy lately haven’t I?

I wouldn’t actually say I’m depressed, but my usual cheerfulness is strained. Work, though stressful, is going well. The kids are in fine form, and it’s a pleasure having my mum in the house. All is not perfect in the marriage department at the moment, but two stressful jobs sometimes collide and friction occurs. Its not a permanent heat, we have good days and bad days. Last night was good, this morning some friction.

Mostly its just tiredness. I think I could sleep for a week. The relentlessness at work and the potential for angst at home just pile up. I wish I could pack the family up and just go somewhere for a while. I need some time out, a bit of room in the space time continuum. Not going to happen soon, but it needs to get planned i

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