So, my eldest nephew has arrived to start his grand tour of Europe. My oldest sister is quite a bit older, plus we compounded things by her having children early and me having them late. Hence my nephew is 23. He’s just graduated from uni, and while he decides what’s next he’s taking a few months to wander.

Something I heartily approve of, and I paid for his airfair. Thing is, poor kid has barely a clue! He only booked his flight a couple weeks ago, and other than having built up some money from working over the summer, doesn’t really know what’s next.

I think that’s fantastic. That is such a great age, to be beholden to nothing really, with no plans and a pocket full of some (not a lot) of money. I don’t envy him, I’ve been there and it was part of the making of me. Yet I am so very happy for him.

I had to pick him up far too early from a red eye flight from Montreal. He’s a great kid and we chatted about this and that in his jet lagged induced haze. Plus he’s lucky enough to be bilingual, speaks both French and English fluently. My sister moved to Montreal and married a Québécois. He grew up speaking both languages. So I get to practice my horrible French on him.

Now he’ll stay with us a while, then… who knows. He thinks he might head to the South of France and pick grapes, but maybe not. I’ve mentioned a few things he could also do, and so he’s thinking.

Lucky, lucky guy.

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