So, though I no longer have to be in Cambridge, we still have a house up there. I think its a truth of life that you generally don’t investigate or act much as a tourist in places you live. Certainly, in over four years of living part time in Cambridge I didn’t actually explore it much.

Now that I no longer live there LL and I thought we’d take some time and actually have a holiday there. Perhaps not too surprisingly we really enjoyed it. Very much our sort of place. We lucked out and were there for the WWII memorial air show at Duxford. It even managed to not rain as we wandered about loving the planes flying overhear. There was even a mass flight of over 20 Spitfires and others that took off and flew in formation. Really good fun.

What we went back to however, was the University Museum, the Fitzwilliam. Such a overly bling grand entrance. I couldn’t quite decide if the curators were simply genius, or just a bit absent minded professor in how the rooms were laid out. You would have something truly priceless laid out next to, frankly, someone’s forgotten tat. The tat would be extensively labeled with history and forensics, the priceless item left unmentioned for you to figure out.

The Fitzwilliam also has a huge ceramics collection. There are galleries dedicated to ceramics, but clearly the collection is so large that there are ceramics in ever single gallery. Most unlabeled but beautiful.

It also has a rather nice tea room were I had a lovely cream tea.

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  1. I haven’t been to Cambridge for a while, except for the wedding last month. I’m very fond of Kettle’s Yard and the Botanic Gardens.

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