Too Much Time

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like not working. I went out with a mate last night and we had a long talk about the (generally male) addiction to work. Which doesn’t mean we don’t love being with out families, but that the validation and affirmation of being in a senior role is in a very real way addicting.

Right now, I am “between jobs”, “looking for the next opportunity”, “hunting for the perfect match to my skills” (there are so many ways to describe being unemployed). I really don’t like it. There is too much time. I’m not good with too much time. I think too much, procrastinate too much, get lost in my own head.

I was doing well at the start. I’ve been here before, its part of being a senior executive, you generally move on every 4-6 years. Sometimes there’s no break, sometimes there is. This one I rather saw coming, and though very annoyed was not suprised. I started off with a list of things to do around the house, was dedicated in my job hunting activities, and felt OK.

A few months in, and its harder. I have to pick my feet up, not stare into space lost in my head too much, and “do stuff.” The mate from last night pocked me between the eyes and told me to find other things to do. Go out, volunteer, take courses, find people to talk to. He is absolutely right. LL is, understandably, finding me around a bit too much, not leaving her me time. That was hard to hear, but I do very much understand it.

So, time to get off my backside and do something with my overflow of time. Funny, most people would love to have too much time…

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