Blogging vs Life

Hi, I haven’t been doing well at blogging lately, have I? So, a couple of pictures. These are “life”, our garden. One of the timesinks at the moment, albeit a very worthwhile one. We lost our gardener at the start of the year. He’d been with us for ages, but at the fine age of 72 had a heart attack and decided it was time to retire.

LL loves her gardening, so it didn’t feel like a hardship, but a garden like this, it takes time! A lot of time. Thankfully I’ve now found someone to at least do the mowing, so it should return to acceptible levels. But… there will be other things to take up time.

Lots of things. Kids take time, a joyful time, but time. Keeping up with my lovely and sexy if sometimes moody dear wife takes time. Work in particular is taking a lot of time. I used to be able to better blog during the commute and at odd spare moments during the day, but the train has become very crowded of late and blogging then just doesn’t work. Work doesn’t work either. I’m really enjoying myself at the moment, and feel like I’m making great progress, but boy does it take time.

Thing is, I’ve rather enjoyed blogging. The funny bit, I’ve started to not to need to post. I don’t miss it so much. Yet I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting. You see, there’s a lot of you out there, that in a very real way have become friends. There’s the Count, the lovely Z, the wonderful Lady in the Smoke, that Angry guy, one who was a bug, the irrascible Punk, a very peaceful empress, that boy, the man with the abreviated life, she who commented first, and many others. There’s a whole lot of you out there I really like. I don’t want to loose touch.

Yet feeling guilty and doing crap posts doesn’t make sense. So, I’m not going to close down exactly, but the posts will likely become few and far between. There’s things I still want to say, but I’ll say them when the mood and time allows. I want to spend more time posting recipes, for example. Bizarelly some of the ones I’ve posted have had thousands of hits. People seem to like the way I describe cooking, so I’ll keep that up. I’ll still try to stop by and comment at yours, but even that won’t happen as much as it should.

Yet I do want to stay in touch. So, for those in London, or passing through London, those that I’ve met or not, there’s a drink and a meal on offer. You can find the email on the page, and that’s open for just chatting too. Friendships should be able to survive the virtual world.

So, its not good bye, but it is adieu

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