There are times when I think I work too hard. No, I know I work too hard. Yet its not all bad. In the current job I start a bit later so I can be with the kids in the morning. We’re not a shy family, so they barrel in and out of our bedroom as they wake up for a quick hug and a chat as we get ready. I had to pause for a moment to help my princess get dressed. Cloths are still a bit of a mystery for her, and she literally had her knickers in a twist. Then I had to spend time with Pirate Pete who’s having to contend with a real tie this term. I think he does actually get it, but it’s a little ritual we both like for me to help him get it right and straight

Once I got myself tidy I gather my ducklings up and herd them downstairs. They are still at the age when any spare minute is a time for play, and there was a small hurricane at the lego box as I got breakfast ready. We’re still gathering the last deadfall apples out from under the trees, so breakfast is a couple of scoops of stewed apple and some sort of semi healthy cereal (just why is it so hard to get cereals low in sugar).

Then I get to steal my few minutes sitting down with them, asking about their day before (its rare I’m home before they go to bed). Pirate Pete got a perfect score on his 7 times tables I was proudly informed, and Ali Baba told me all about a Christmas picture he’d drawn until his brother nudged him to remind him it was supposed to be secret. Princess talked about how she was going to her swimming lesson today and would prolly swim all the way across the pool. All of this talk is going on at once mind, not that I do mind.

Then I herd them into tidying up their breakfast bowls, give them each a kiss on the head and get knee hugs in return, grab a quick cuddle with LL with a quick chat with SN as she’s coming in the door and I’m going (she can’t wait to get her hands on the bmer… sigh…). Then I’m off. Its not much of a family interaction, but it sustains me through the day.

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I get them all to myself to make up for it

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