Do you think it would be possible to do Christmas without the presents?

You see, in general I love Christmas. I love getting the family together, the food (oh yes, the food (mincemeat tart anyone?)), the pure anticipation of the kids, the way the house feels, going to the carol service, putting up the sparkly lights and getting the tree up. I just love Christmas.

Except for the presents. I don’t mean for the kids. Buying the toys and watching their sheer buzzy joy in opening them is wonderful (though I’d be happier if they got fewer toys (it does get a bit excessive)). I just hate having to try to figure out what presents to get friends and family, and its rare I get a present that means much.

For the most part, I don’t really need much more. Well, a Jag XJS would be nice, but other than that I can’t say I reeeealy need anything. Another jumper to pile up with the other ones I don’t wear (I’m Canadian, the blood runs hot, jumpers are for wimps), the book that doesn’t interest me (that says a lot, I read anything, for me to find a book boring means someone tried very hard), the tie to add to the other ones I don’t wear (I loved the fact the city went open collar, shame the trend seems to be reversing).

Plus, I know many of the gifts I’ve given have fallen flat. That perfect insightful book that never gets read, the plant that is not visible when you next visit, the wine glasses that seem to disappear, you know if it didn’t go right.

So what do you say we just scrap the presents except a few for the kids and let Christmas just be Christmas? Do you think anyone would notice?

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