B… b… b… blogging

I realised last night, as I was digging in my blog archive, that I’ve been posting for more than a year now. My blogversary came and went without my noticing. Rather like my birthdays, I am what I am, age doesn’t matter much. Well, other than encroaching decrepitude. Its not something I pay much attention to.

Still, quite something. I started this as a somewhat personal experiment. A chance to play a bit and test my own ideas of what does and doesn’t work in the web. Not too surprising, my naughty posts are the ones which get the most traffic by a significant order of magnitude. Curiously for me, the posts which have received the most comments have either been my business case studies, controversial statements of belief, or the pure personal angst ones.

Still, there’s this lot of you out there who come back and read my ramblings regularly.That’s what’s kept me posting, and that’s why we do it all right? This need to place our own view of our lives on display to see if anyone cares? The joy of this mad blogging world is that there is interest and care out there. Those precious comments leaving a breadcrumb of notice.

So, life has been busy of late. I haven’t been blogging or commenting as much as I’d like. That too will change in time. So, thank you for your kind attentions, and here’s a virtual glass of champers to the next year (and the one after that, and…)

And as you raise the glass, can I ask a question? I ramble on about all sorts of things, but is there something you’d like me to ramble on in particular? You’re allowed to ask for more of the naughty bits, or even just to say “all of it”. I’m just a curious sort and want to please the punters!

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