When Tragedy is Bloody Annoying

So, I had an early meeting today, which meant leaving the house early, which meant not seeing the kids and only getting a fleeting hello from LL. This, on top of a late return last night due to a disaster at work coupled with sever train delays from a building fire next to the track I normally use. I didn’t get home until after 10.

Such is life, hey ho, so off to work I go. I get there in plenty of time for the earlier train, get on the track… and its delayed 15 minutes. The nice man’s recorded voice comes on, “I’m sorry to announce a delay to your journey of… 15 minutes… due to… a pasenger falling ill… near Hackoff. Useless Trains is sorry for the inconvenience to your journey.”

Am I the only one who gets severely irritated by completely faux corporate hand wringing? I mean, recorded voice man probably has no idea my particular delayed train is delayed. The bloke in the control room who queued up corporate voice man is just waiting for his next break to go outside and have a fag. Mr. Director Sir is only concerned with ensuring his next performance review is good enough for the chairman to award him his bonus. If they care, its not very much. So why add on the false apology? Its good to know its delayed, but a recorded voice apologising won’t make me feel better.

End result, I show up 20 minutes late for my meeting and still didn’t get enough sleep, or spend time with my loved ones. I feel sorry for the poor sod who probably had a heart attack on his way to work, but why did he have to have his heart attack on my time? Much as I normally love my job, there are times I hate being a commuting wage slave.

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