Of Weekends and Families

Last weekend we went up to the cottage to go to one of LL’s Aunt’s birthday. Big event, all the family, food groaning off the edge of the table. It had LL tied up in knots. Her family gatherings can be happy affairs, or they can be underlaid with all that angst only family gatherings can had. She dealt with this by baking, doing up the birthday cake, doing up a big pear tart, making a summer pudding. Puddings are my wife’s speciality, she’s good at them, very good.

However, it isn’t something that gives her pleasure at the time. Puddings are “hard work”, a chore, something to be slaved over. When its mixed with worry about a family event, tensions run high. Even so, with a couple of baking disasters mixed in (a blind baked pastry case was left too long in the oven), everything got made in time.

The event itself was fine. No family arguments, no sniping, just happy people having a happy time. LL got a few compliments on the pudding, which she does enjoy, and the kids got a got long time playing with their cousins. It’s a shame that doesn’t happen more often, they all seem to enjoy each other.

As the younger generation we were shuffled off to spend the night at the farm next door. Not a hardship really. Problem was I’ve been suffering with a cold for a couple weeks now, just haven’t shifted it. Then, that night, in a foreign bed and different house I had a bout of revenge of Dehli. Not a fun night, and not a fun drive home the next day.

Life can be a real pain sometimes…

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