Comfort Food

The definition of comfort food is generally that which you were brought up on. Mum’s cooking essentially. Thing is I’ve learned all sorts of comfort food along the way. Tastes and textures that I love that instantly become something that helps you relax and feel safe and secure and at home.

I picked up a bunch from LL. Some which have really settled in my stomach. One is Smocked Haddock and Baked Custard (recipe here). It even sounds like a comfort food. I loved smoked fish to begin with, and by baking a custard around it, the custard takes on the smoky fish flavour. Its easily the best part of the dish. Service it with some new potatoes, and as I did Saturday, with fresh carrots and chard from the garden. Simple pleasure.

Oddly Pirate Pete has taken a disliking to baked custard. Odd because he quite likes sweet custard sauce on his pudding. Go figure, but he’ll come around some day. The other two love it, and its one of LL’s all time favourite dishes.

It took me a long time to perfect how to cook a custard. Once solved, its simplicity itself, but it is one of those dishes that if you get one little thing wrong, all you end up with is a gloopy mess. When right though! My, soft melt on your tongue loveliness.

So what constitutes comfort food in your household?

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