What a weekend

A bit of a stream of consciosness post this, but better to post something than nothing. It was such a lovely weekend, hard not to enjoy oneself. Yet there were lots of other bits of niceness in the weekend. I seem to have my wife back, which is such a relief. I’ve learned to live with her moods, but its quite something the way they can hit and retreat like that. That time of the month has decended, which is clearly part of it. Yet this wasn’t just the normal pms. I shall gently probe and see what else there was.

I’ve also had excellent news in that a former boss, one who shall remain nameless but was, frankly, a sadistic son of a female dog, has been fired. For gross misconduct, which is even better, as it means he won’t get the usual polite pay off to disappear. I had lost count of the number of lives that man had darkened or even ruined. It was a lot, and though this isn’t karmic justice, he’d have to live a life of a snail to deal with that, it is small justice.

Our builder is now confirmed to start with only a short delay. I’m quite excited about that. Not so much about the building, that will inevitably be a pain, but about the finished product. It will be great. We have also found a new gardener, so I don’t have to spend 3 hours every weekend dealing with the lawn.

Then, we just had a nice weekend. Saturday we had our old now retired gardener over for lunch. It was just a really nice visit. Then Sunday we went over to visit some dear friends. They have kids the same age, and a swimming pool. So with that fine weather it couldn’t help but be a lovely day.

And so I fly off to New York for the week. I’ll stay in touch, promise!

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