I bring you good tidings

OK, a little hint into the boys life, not that it narrows him down much. The boys go to a Cathedral School. That means the school provides boy choristers. Ours don’t, its a big commitment, and if I’m honest neither have naturally talented voices this requires. What it does mean though, is that they go to a school infused with music. So, the school has access to the Cathedral Choir Master, and also has a Head of Music as well as a mix of full time and part time music teachers. There’s a choir, an orchestra (which Pirate Pete does do) and a whole host of smaller music groups.

It also means that at Christmas time the school gets to have a Carol Service at the Cathedral. Its apparently one of the most popular services of the year. Certainly the times we’ve been its been standing room only, and this is a big space. Its a funny building, I think qualifying as the only Arts and Crafts Cathedral in the country. The exterior is odd, tall unadorned brick walls, but the interior is glorious. Its all pure white local limestone, unadorned but beautifully built.

It also has good acoustics. So, when you have 150 boys processing in, all performing a Latin chant, it sent shivers up my spine. It was a piece for nun’s, hence written for soprano and alto voices. Just stunning. There was then a mix of the boys doing readings of poetry (each class chose or wrote a piece), and both traditional and modern carols. What a confidence booster for the boys that get up and read a piece to over a thousand people? The music was grand too. The Head of Music is rather multitalented, so a number where pieces he had arranged. All in all it was a very enjoyable hour.

After that we went home, and the service marks the end of term for the boys. Pirate Pete thus brought home his report card. At the risk of yet again being nauseatingly proud, it was a good one. He was particularly proud of his best mark, which was an outstanding in sports. The fact he also did well in maths, science and history was just icing on his pleasure in being seen to be good on the fields… Boys, you got to love them.

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