Time Out

Oh lots of posts burbling at the back of my brain. However, its been a busy week. Then, as of tomorrow chez boy decamps to a cold snowy clime to do a bit of skiing.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the sport. It has hurt me as a long surgical scar on one arm can prove. I have to deal with my ego about having a wife who is a far far better skier than I am (poor male poppet that I am…). Plus I suffer from mild vertigo and sometimes looking down a steep slope I have to take my heart in my hands and literally make a leap of faith that I’ll survive my way to the bottom.

All of those can be dealt with. The benefits so far outweigh them. I’m a bit of an outdoor boy. There is nothing better than crisp cold air, blue sky and mountains for a sky line. Well maybe warm sultry air, crisp white sand and crystal blue sea, but you get the idea. It means a day of exercise. It means spending time together with those I love. Its lots of goodness which make it easy to cope with those other tiny issues.

The two boys are just starting to be OK skiers. I suspect a fair bit of this trip will be spent with them on the easy blue and green runs. That’s just OK. There will come a day when they are better at it than I am, and they’ll go zooming off. For now some family togetherness is good.

So for now, and the next week, its this boy signing off. See you all soon!

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