Gay Paris

LL had a grad school reunion in Paris over the weekend. She went out a few days before, and I brought out the kids for the show and tell. It was an enjoyable, but very tiring weekend. I think the kids enjoyed it too, but we were all shattered by the time we got home last night.

I took them on the Eurostar, which was part of the fun. Then we did a bit of tourist stuff before getting on the bus with everyone for a trip out to a chateau that had been booked for the night. Very posh, and very nice. The weather was perfect plus it had a pool. That was all the kids needed to be happy. Sunshine and water. It didn’t hurt that there was a couple other boys the same age they could play with (from Australia, who won the long haul award).

Dinner was superb. It had been organised to put the kids in a seperate room with their own menu. A shame really, the boys would have loved the food we got. Still, they got roast chicken and chips, so weren’t exactly unhappy. They stayed up far too late larking about with their new mates while the adults quite noisily sozzled in the next room. It was a good night, but I left LL to a few more glasses while I finally got our exhausted kids to sleep.

Breakfast was equally good. The boys love croisant and jam, plus a nice batch of scrambled eggs. Then back to the pool for the morning until it was time to pack up and head back to paris. We had a bit of time to kill to did the Louvre and took them to see the necessaries (“Leonardo de what?” Will likely go down in family history as a favourite quote to wheel out and embaress the children).

Back on the train, a battle on the M25 to get home, and the weekend was done. Like I said, fun, but tiring. Now I’m in the fine fine town of Boston to enlighten the benighted natives on the intricacies of Search Optimisation… I leed such a life…

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