The boy on tour

So, its off to the states for the week. Travel is always going to be a component of the new job, but right now there’s going to be a lot of it. The pleasure and problem of a global job is just that, going global. This week is dual, both meeting a number of the senior folk out there, but also digging through a morass of subsidiaries to find the ones that are truely worthwhile and can be leveraged better than the past. Should be fun, though I have to watch the waistline. People always want to show you a good time, when all you want is to disappear and sleep at the hotel.

Blogging will be interesting, as I’ll be living out of hotels and borrowed desks. Internet access is not always good. I should be able to keep it up (well I am middle aged…) but don’t be surprised if I disappear for stretches. I’ll try to put up more business case studies, as there are already shapping up some rather interesting challenges.

But for now, its time to fight through the heathrow protesters and catch up on some of those movies I’ve missed recently. Ta for now…

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