Late Night Musing

“You awake darling?” Its the middle of the night and I’ve woken with a raging horn.

A soft silent breathing is my response. She’s still deep asleep.

Now, LL has often told me, and I have often taken advantage of, an open offer to wake her up if I’m… in need. But I know she’s very tired. She’s had a hard week at work, and last night Princess has us up again and again with a hacking cough (poor thing).

I’m still tempted, but there’s just enough light for me to make out her face. Ten years on and she’s still so beautiful to me. We’re both again. Her face is taking on that elegant edge some older women wear into, not gauntnesss, but a sharpness of line that shows a life well lived. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t look old, but neither is there the youthful plushness.

So I gaze at her face in the dim dark light, feeling my love for her, and fall back asleep.

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