Oh so tired…

Its summer, the sun is shining, the kids are finishing off a happy year at school, I am employed (albeit on contract) and my wife is equally so.

Yet… I am absolutely knackered, totally shattered. Just… tired. Partially I think its just middle aged disease. Career, kids, relationship. It feels like there’s just no time for anything other than working my ass off. I can’t remember the last time I was able to put my feet up and read the Sunday papers, or just sit with LL and watch a movie. We haven’t had a night out together in months. Well, that’s not strictly true, there’s been a few parties and dinners with friends, but those types of social occasions, which I can enjoy, also tire me out. The treadmill just keeps turning.

I know LL feels exactly the same. The burden of keeping up a house, garden and busy active kids is relentless. I think it is fair to say we’re both border line depressed and exhausted.

Roll on the weekend and a two week holiday in Canada. Unfortunately it is also a holiday to see my aging mother. Which is necessary, and she’s lovely, but it may not be totally relaxing. A few late morning lie ins are in order though. Nothing like visiting a parent to regress to child like behavior. At least I’ve organised some time the second week to head off and kick back at a beach. We’re all going to learn surfing. Should be fun I think (I hope (I dream…))…

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