I’ve got anoder hed code

I’m working too hard. Its this bloody commute, almost two hours each way. What a waste of time, almost half of your average person’s working day spent getting to and from the office. On top of that I put in 10 to 12 hours a day. No wonder I have come down with yet another sore throat. I try to remember why I took this new role, and still can’t quite answer the question.

Mid last week I was starting to feel normal again. It was only Friday morning I woke up feeling randy and turned to LL for a “Hello Another Day” quickie. It had been five days since we last made love. Five days! So, it was especially lovely to have her turn to me with that sleepy smile, reach down and find me awake and happy.

On coming home that night, I could feel the glands in my throat starting to swell. By the time I went to bed, they were swollen and sore. Bloody hell. Still, it was a nice weekend by almost all other measures. I took the kids out Saturday morning to let LL study. Went to a playground and gamefully tried to chase after Princess as she screamingly skittered up the climbing frame. Got us all ice creams as a bribe to leave, then led my mob around the super market.

I’ve read that women find the sight of a man with kids in the super market sexy. Can’t say its ever changed any behaviour when I do it. Well, I get the blue rinse brigade coming over to pat Princess’ hair and say, “Isn’t she darling?”, but I don’t think that counts.

Then in the afternoon I took the kids down to the village green. We’ve got a stream meandering through it, bordering the cricket green (its such a Surrey village). A favourite summer thing is to take some nets down to the steam and catch minnows. The boy in my head reminds me of when we did the same back in Canada, so it’s a mutually enjoyed activity. For dinner I corralled them into helping make the pizza dough, then we all made our own. Nice way to end the day really. The kids where nicely exhausted and fell asleep easily.

Sunday was miserable weather though, we just stayed inside. That makes for a baking day, so it was pinies all round and we whomped up mince meat squares, Gingerbread men and a Rhubard crumble for tea.

I still felt miserable with flue the whole time.


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