Home again, home again, quick quick quick

Almost back at home. I had a both lovely and hard weekend in Vancouver. First I met number 2 sister in Seattle Friday Night. She lives in Southern Washington State, so popped up to see me for the night. Was very nice, we don’t get nearly enough time together over the years, though we natter on the phone a lot.

Then up to Vancouver. My mum is really doing just fine, which is comforting. There’s no question that some things are just gone. Her memory of words is poor, she just can’t cope with complex conversation, and you hear a lot of stories more than once. Yet she is happy, still able to play the piano and guitar, and enjoys reading just as much as before. Probably doesn’t absorb as much, but still enjoys it. We just had a lazy day together, then number 3 sister came and we went out to dinner.

Sunday was a bit harder. We got up and went to Church. She is still a stallwart of their local church, though she had to give up on things like being treasurer. The minister has a very laze faire style, which isn’t entirely to my liking, but is a very friendly congregation.

After the service was the hard part. We went to my dad’s gravesite where his headstone had finally (after almost two years) been laid. A surprising number of people showed up for a small memorial service, very laid back. Yet it was enough to make me cry. My sister and I quietly blubbed together, while everyone else was telling happy stories of my dad. It was heart rending.

A lunch back at my mum’s house, then off to the airport. That finally gave my sister and I a little time. We had some legal stuff to talk through. The case is finally heating up, so hopefully we can get to some sort of conclusion soon.

The flight was fairly inconsequential. I had a shower out at the airport, now I’m back in the office for the afternoon. I can’t wait to get home and see my family, and… sleep!

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