Half glass full

So yesterday, correctly, an angry man asked if I was having a half glass empty day. It made me pause, but the answer was yes. Normally I’m a half glass full type of guy. I tend towards the brighter side of life. Though not without my grumpy moments I see opportunity and pleasure in life. Its an inherited personality trait from my ever joyous mother.

Right now though? I need a break.

Work is relentless. I’m at the stage where I’m letting a few people who aren’t with the programme go. No matter how many times I do it, its never easy. Then there is the never ending task list, the constant probing on status of the many projects on the go, the queue of people who come to check if what they think is right really is (and 99% of the time it is (I’ve got a long way to go in building the confidence game up)).

I’m not unhappy. This job is personally fulfilling. Home life with LL and the kids is good, very good even. I’m just tired, and when tired I occasionally flip into seeing the glass being half empty. So, if I wander your way and mutter blacker than usual things, just pat me on the back and suggest a holiday…

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