Fine Boredom

It was a quiet weekend. Just puttering around the house, playing with the kids, reading the paper, and the requisite chores. I do like my house, but what is it about owning that means there is always a list longer than your arm of things to do? This weekend I changed a bunch of light bulbs, repaired a leak in the sink, did the last sweep of leaves from the drive, cleaned out the garage, disposed of three dead mice (I’m a deadly mouse exterminator me), turned over some soil to get it ready for LL to plant the spring veg, filled the bird feeder and made a little ramp for the Guinea Pigs to get in and out of their cage unaided.

Speaking of which, we now have a second Guinea Pig. Wee Tom has been a lonely boar, so we got him snipped and have brought in a mature sow to keep him company. I’m sure they’ll get used to each other, but the cage was rather angst ridden. Poor Tom doesn’t quite know what’s up. He’s never had another adult around, and now there’s a female. Except he’s had the snip, so though his instincts are telling him he should be interested, his body is telling him he can’t, plus he doesn’t really know what to do anyway. Very confusing.

Oh, and we went for a trip to look at bathroom porn. With the building works going ahead we have to decide how the new en suite will look. You can spend an awfully large amount of money on a modern bathroom. I think we likely will too, but it should look rather nice when we’re done. At least it better.

Food was nice this weekend. Last night I got in a lowly half a salmon, poached it in a bit of white wine and served it up with a plain fish stock risotto, roast tomatoes and steamed marrow and mushrooms. Then banana splits for pudding (one of the kids favourite deserts, so we indulge them (I don’t enjoy them myself (not at all))).

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