Continued Resignation

Resigning is always an odd thing, this time has been more so than most for me. At a senior level, when you resign, your power and influence immediately starts to flow away. Often people are sent home, the view being some time away from the company means they loose internal knowledge (and are therefore safe to leave). This is true.

In my case I’ve been told to stay on and keep working. Thing is, that’s rather hard. Not only is my internal motivation a bit difficult, but all the things that I need to do my job, stop happening. Already my diary shows gaps in it, I’m not copied on every email, people don’t poke their heads around my door the way they used to. I’m not complaining, its rather nice. I can relax a bit.

The problem is my boss (yes, I still have a boss, you always do until you’re at the very top, even then you still have bosses, just of a different type) expects me to continue working just as hard doing everything perfectly. He got quite annoyed the other day when there was some detail I’d missed. More importantly said detail is something he hadn’t been informed off and had therefore got a bollocking about. The fact I hadn’t been told either was irrelevant…

Tough, worst thing he can do is fire me, and that just means I get a bit more time off, then start the new job early. No bad thing in my books. Still, it makes it hard. I don’t like doing anything less than a perfect job, and I just can’t at the moment. Ah well, I just have to remind myself to put my feet up and relax.

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