I awoke in the middle of last night and heard a familiar sound. From the next room came the rolling whisper of number one son’s snore. At the tender age of seven he can snore loud enough to shake the house down. After three nights of complete silence in the dark, it was an unbelievably comforting sound.

Now intellectually I knew my kids where completely safe. Hell, Super Nanny 2 takes perfect care of them during the day when LL and I are away. Why would she not at night? Yet… yet it so calmed a tension I hadn’t realised completely was there. My kids where home, I could fight away any dragons that came. My world was right again.

I turned to LL, she was sleeping facing away from me. Life being right gives rise to… other things. I curled up against her, and nestled that other thing in a nice warm place. My world was definately right again.

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