All change please, all change

My blog is known to my employer, though I don’t think its regularly read. A bit too domestic to be interesting. Plus, its only known to a few key colleagues I discussed it with to make sure I wasn’t going to be treading on any toes. Its meant I’ve had to be a bit more circumspect than I would have liked, as I was under a firm agreement to keep it as anonymous as pos.

So, that’s meant I haven’t blogged about some things I would have really enjoyed blogging about. Today that changes, at least a bit. You see, I’m about to go in and resign. For the past three months I’ve gone through a grinder about a new job. A rather nice new job, one I’m really excited about. It’s a step up to a global board position, something I’ve been working towards for a while. I’ve literally met everyone and their dog at the new place, and the negotiations at this level take a bit of time. Still, its done, I have the requisite pieces of paper in my hand, and off I go in to talk to the boss.

Its going to cause a bit of chaos. I’ve been in deep talks here about what the next role is, plus have a number of key projects under my wing. Plus, there was about to be a major reshuffle, part of why I’m getting a changed role. How long they keep me is going to be an “interesting” negotiation. It going to be a tough conversation with my managers as well. I’ve been spending a lot of time with them lately sorting out roles and goals. I’ve been doing that trying to prep things for my not being here, they’ll not necessarily see it that way.

Part of me is very reluctant to leave. My last big project is one that I am easily most proud of in my career. It was a tough old slog, but delivered something very shiny and new. Perhaps not earth shattering, or culture changing, but well received and a joy to behold (well, for me anyway). Still, My job here was changing, not by my choice, so I’m not that uncomfortable to be leaving.

I’m particularly not looking forward to the next few days. There’s going to be some bruised feelings, tough negotiations, and the minute it becomes public, I become lame. If I’m honest I quite like status and power. Its not the primary driver for me personally, that’s much more complex, but it’s a pleasant by-product. The minute I resign, all that changes, well, for the moment. Though it does mean my inbox will start to decrease to more manageable levels (which is a good thing).

So, off I go, and will keep you more openly posted now on the goings on. It will be an interesting case study in and of itself.

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