A little bit tired

Is tiredness a universal of middle age? I think without caffeine I wouldn’t function very well. Its not that I don’t sleep, I’m actually a pretty good sleeper. Most nights I get 7-8 hours solid deep sleep. Insomnia doesn’t bother me other than the very odd night when something niggles at my mind.

So what is it? I’m not highly stressed, quite the opposite I’m really enjoying my new job. Good people, interesting problems, not too much politics. That can always change, but it means work stress is pretty minimal at the moment.

Life at home is good too. LL and I are getting along better than fine. It feels like a very loving supportive relationship. There’s no kid problems, in fact they seem to be happy and flourishing at school. In general I’d say my family and myself are all, well, happy.

So is it just middle age? That gradual deterioration of the body that leaves one a bit blah, a bit pained, a bit… tired? Again, its not that I’m unwell. Sure, I could loose a bit of weight and should find the time to exercise more. I eat healthily though, don’t drink too much, everything works as it should.

Is it just me? Come on you lot out there, does being middle aged just mean being that bit tired all the time, or is it just me?

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