Where’s My Mummy!

I am a single parent this week. Well, not really, SN is still on duty with the kids during the day. LL is off on business for the week, left early yesterday and not home until Friday. This is a regular enough occurrence that it doesn’t hit the routine much. It’s a bit hard on SN as she has to work longer days given my commute, but given its warm and sunny and the kids are off school I don’t think she minds too much. The kids are easy work when its like this.

Except for this morning. I wasn’t expecting anything untowards, and indeed each of the kids came in to say good morning and get a cuddle as I was finishing off getting dressed. A little while later, as I’m opening the curtains, I see my Princess wandering in the garden. This, this is not normal. Poking my head out of the window I ask what’s up.

“I’m looking for mummy!”

I rush downstairs and pick up my now distraught little girl. Its funny what didn’t effect them a few months ago is trauma today. This is certainly not the first time her mother has been away. Poor thing is inconsolable, will take no cuddles, bribes or breakfast.

They have a funny relationship my wife and her daughter. Thick as thieves one minute and bickering over nothing the next. Their personalities are perhaps a little too similar to ever be completely comfortable. I dread the teenage years as I suspect there will be storms. No… I know there will be storms. Two absolutely hard nosed female wills clashing over every little thing.

The boys both seem to have got my easy going nature, so I’m hoping I’ll have a relaxed ride of it. We’ll see, that though, is for the future. Today I have a little girl desperately missing her mummy, and daddy or nanny just isn’t quite good enough.

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