Things that make you go Hmmm…

I don’t talk about work much, my employer knows I blog, but has asked me to be discreet. However, I’ve let some things drop. I work in the Media industry, in that great wide work that inundates us with news, entertainment and advertising. I also work at the top of my field, with global oversite of a range of functions.

Yesterday was interesting. I spent time with our South African MD, discussing the issues and challenges which are unique to that nation. Some of it is fascinating, the challenges of using business to help address some of the wrongs of the past.

The bit of conversation that stopped me was about power. Electric power that is. South Africa doesn’t have enough. They haven’t been investing in infrastructure as the economy changed and people actually have started to rise out of poverty.

There is a huge internal conversation going on in the country about what to do about it. The thing that stopped me was when we got onto nuclear power. We’re consulting the goverment about how to have the discussion. The problem is, in four of the fifteen languages there is actually no work for “nuclear”.


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