Spring has Sprung

I love this time of year. The air is still crisp, but the first signs of spring are pushing out. We spent Saturday afternoon in the garden, just puttering. Doing some of those little jobs that a garden needs after winter. A bit of rose pruning. Our gardener had done most of this, but there is one monster of a rose we share, the rambling rector. He takes a good long time to prune, and we share the load. A bit of compost here and there.

A sweep up of the terrace, not the first time this year, nor the last. We use our terrace as an extension of the house. In the summer we live out there, so it gets kept pretty clean, otherwise all sorts would get tracked in. The weekly clean of the guinea pig’s cage. He lives inside, so his cage gets kept pretty tidy, the kids do another clean mid week. A game or two of it thrown in thrown in the middle and the time slid away.

It was nothing special of an afternoon, just chores and the kids. Yet it was very peaceful. The weather was perfect, the birds (and we have a lot of birds around us) beginning their spring chirp, and the garden starting to wake up.

We’re just at the start of the first big blush. The snow drops are dying down, and the dafs, crocus, primula and thorn trees are just starting to come out. By the end of the week the lower lawn will be a blanket of yellow and white. A bit more time and the apple tree trees explode in their week of glory. It’s a lovely time, one I always look forward to, and always enjoy.

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