So I had a week off, and there where a few calls and emails every day, but frankly, I didn’t do much. Oh, a few odd jobs, got the kids new computer in order and up to snuff. They’re rather taken with Lego Star Wars (talk about two brands combining in an odd offspring), so I hooked up two joysticks to let the boys play at the same time. I did a little gardening work, changed a few light bulbs that require getting the ladder out, fixed a curtain rail, little odd jobs.

Mostly though I did not much, or played with the kids. Both are good therapy. Playing with the kids requires a shutting down of some functions and letting other ones run rampant. Bringing too much logic to bear when you are having a tea party with your three year old daughter just won’t do. Arguing with your seven year old that he should put his lego blocks this way instead of that to make a stronger base is a bit fruitless. There is learning there, but he’ll figure it out himself when it falls apart, and in the mean time he’s having fun.

There is likely some health benefit in going swimming, and we did a lot of trips to the swimming pool, but I don’t think whooping loudly as you slide down the water flume counts much. The therapy is just being with the kids, being a bit of a kid. It did my soul good.

Then there’s the benefits of sloth. I actually consider myself a lazy person. I mean, I do a lot, get a lot done, but I always look to how to minimise the work, make sure I’m doing no more than I absolutely have to. Whenever I get the chance I like to not do very much at all. This does cause some household conflict as LL is most definitely not a lazy person. She was brought up with healthy doses of protestant guilt, and can’t stand there not being something purposeful done.

I, however, am perfectly happy to put my feet up sometimes. If I can find the moments, just stopping and not doing anything other than let my mind drift, is heaven. It doesn’t hurt if there’s a book present, but it doesn’t hurt if there isn’t either. My mind goes on little journeys, hopping from this idea to that, often with no connection. I do some of my best (or worst depending on the point of view) thinking when its unrelated to anything at all.

So here’s to playing, and here’s to a bit of sloth, and oh when is that next holiday?

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