Pet ills continued

Thank you for your solicitous concern about Tommy the Guinea Pig. I am sure you will all be rapturous to know that he has responded well to his (outrageously expensive) treatment. His breathing has returned to normal, he is obviously out of pain, and is eating well.

Too well actually. The vet also informed us that he is an overweight (ie fat) Guinea Pig. Fresh grass is still allowed, but we’re to cut out the cucumber and beans. Poor thing doesn’t know what’s coming. He also now does his best to nip when being picked up. He’s not very good at it, so it only tickles. Clearly he now associated being picked up with having noxious nasty tasty liquids being forced into his mouth.

I have begun to threaten him with the market in Ecuador, where Guinea Pig is a delicacy (tastes like chicken actually (doesn’t everything odd taste like chicken…)) unless he stops the nipping thing. It is an idle threat, as the kids threatened me with the same…

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