Peering Ahead

It was a sad day yesterday. Recently our first nanny, who we have stayed close to over the years, passed away. It was her funeral yesterday. Melanoma which over a number of years progressed into brain tumours. She was in her 40s, leaving behind her husband (who by the by had worked with me in one role), and two teenage sons.

She had been with us at the start of family life. Joined us back was PP was only just born, and stayed for 5-6 years, through the birth of the other two, until she finally left to start her own family. We stayed close throughout the years.

Sadly all the kids are in North America at the moment, so none were able to come. She had been a core part of her local church community, so the funeral was packed. It was an emotional affair. We joined the family at a first service at the crematorium, then a later much larger memorial at her church.

Both LL and I ended the day emotionally and physically exhausted.

It was the first funeral of someone close to both of us in our generation. A hard hard day. Now to pick up the pieces. Her husband has become a friend, and we’ve been talking and I’ll stay as close as he wants now. This will become more common as the years role by. We are of that age now.

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