Manly manliness

So, a week away, and though I kept up with my question answering I’m woefully behind with my other bloggy duties. Somehow I’ll catch up, but its a busy week. A final question to go, but a small divergence back to life.

I didn’t play soccer as a boy, I did the Canadian thing of hockey and rugby. I can’t say I did much of either, swimming was more my sport, but I did play some

Rugby is definitely an amateur sport in Canada, no professional league to speak of. When you get older you switch to Canadian Football, which is similar to its American cousin but different. I had no idea that it was played the way it is in England.

I love it. Show me tickets to a Chelsea match and I’ll shrug my shoulders, but tickets to Twickenham and I’m there. I’m sure I’ll upset someone (or many someones) but to me Rugby is a man’s sport. Soccer is all dancing, US Football all pads and protection and standing around. Rugby is fast, hard, with real proper danger.

So it was with entirely mixed feelings I heard that Pirate Pete had been chosen for his year group school squad. I love the fact that I’ve got a sporty boy who likes to read and do math and tootle on his sax. Yet, you can’t be a parent and not feel their pain if hurt.

Yesterday was the regional finals for the nationals. They did well, not quite well enough to get to the next round, but they won the runners up plate. My boy was out there, pounding up and down the pitch, tackling and getting his hands on the ball when he could.

Boy, what a mixed emotion when you see your lad do a flying tackle. Pure unadulterated pride in watching him be tough, and a catch in your heart as you wait for everyone to get up and play on. I loved it though and was proud along with him as he talked about the final match they won to take the plate.

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