Life, the universe, and everything

Stu Savory asked, “42?”

Technically 42 is an answer, not a question. That of course is the problem. Deep thought the computer, having thought deeply for millennium, came up with the answer to life, the universe, and indeed everything. That answer was 42. The issue was then, what was the question?

As wit goes it rather neatly sums up mans attempt to answer why we’re here on the world. What purpose do we serve because we can’t merely be an accident can we? Well, you know what? That’s exactly what we are. A very successful accident, but an accident of evolution all the same. We are one branch of a multiple attempt to create life that is successful. We are one of a few life forms that has self adapted to suit every climate and every part of the world.

For me, an undisputable truth is that there is one reason, on indisputable reason, for why we are on this great green earth. To reproduce. Our sole purpose is to live a life that allows us to successfully create a new generation that can further our species. That we are here just to further the aims of evolution and role the genetic dice. Its an answer very few people I talk to like or agree with.

Truth can often be ugly.

That doesn’t mean every person has to personally reproduce. That is the true joy of our success as a species. Because we have self awareness and will, we can choose to reproduce directly, or through our efforts support the common good to reproduce. Our ability to team work beyond finding or killing food is one of the hall marks of our success.

Yet the truth remains. We are here for one purpose, to further our species, to create the next generation. Nothing more, indeed nothing less for it is as worthy and noble an answer as there is. So 42 folks, the answer is right there in front of your noses.

I still don’t know what the question is though…

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