Health and Sanity

I went to some bits of a conference today(technology procurement, tres chic and oh so exciting). To my complete and utter astonishment a very nice lady stood up at the start of each session and did an airplanesque diatribe on where the exits where in case of a fire, how they would be announced and who to approach in case of a first aid requirement. I kept expecting her to pull out a life vest and mime how to blow it up (which I always find rather amusing).

Has the world gone completely mad? Do we really need to be told to exit through the doors with the glowing green running man in an orderly fashion in case of an emergency? Its bad enough getting it on and aircraft, does it honestly need to be done in a hotel conference room?

Oh, and did you know that a red “Exit” sign is no longer legal? The EU has decreed emergency exits must have independently powered pictographs of a running man who glows green. I despair some days, I really do.

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