Glorious Weekend

So, all my worries were for naught. My sister arrived Friday afternoon and left this morning, and we had just a marvelous weekend. She and my brother in law where demob happy. This is a once in 10 years trip for them and they are just so excited it was infectuous.

The weather certainly didn’t hurt. Clear blue and warm every day made for an easy visit. The garden is in fine form, so we ate and talked and played with the kids outside. Speaking of my little angels, bar a couple of the normal childhood spats, they were on good behaviour. My sister continues to think they are wonderous beings (which, of course, they are).

Frankly, we didn’t do much. There were a couple of vague conversations about going to see a castle or hit a museum, but my sister kept saying they were here to be with us, not see things. Seeing things is the rest of the trip. That was fine for us, being with kids in their own environment is just easier and less stressful. Having just been on a big holiday we were all very happy just to be at home.

We had some good talks about my mum, and there was less disagreement than I’d feared. I still have to tread a bit carefully, but it was some good conversation on things we have to do. There was also not some of the disagreement I feared, and I hope the disagreement just wasn’t hidden by the holiday happy juices.

So, all in all, a glorious weekend. We had fun, talked a whole lot, played a whole lot, and just relaxed. It was what you hope a family visit would be.

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