The so perfect job is not always so perfect. I was asked to lie yesterday. It wasn’t a big lie, just come up with an excuse not to take a certain meeting. We’re an operating company under a very small holding company. This creates odd politics as who is really in charge? My boss for the most part gets along well with his boss who runs the holding company (I don’t have a counterpart there).

Yet this meeting was with my boss’ boss and a few others. For various political reasons I was asked to dodge it, and lie about why to avoid a fight between my boss and his boss. So I gritted my teeth and did it. I didn’t like doing it, and it cost me political capital to look so disorganised as to miss it.

Such is life however, you occasionally have to recognise where your bread is buttered. In the scheme of things it wasn’t a big request, but it still sticks in the back of my throat.

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